The Womens Conference 2009

Morning Session

Tough Leadership Decisions in Tough Times

Gov. Schwarzenegger, Sir Richard Branson & Sheila Bair, moderator: Robin Roberts

Cheryl Saban, Eve Ensler, Somaly Mam

Lunch Session

David Gregory on A Woman’s Nation

A Woman’s Nation: The Status of the American Woman

Madeleine K. Albright, Amy Holmes, Valerie Jarrett, Claire Shipman, mod: David Gregory

Katie Couric: A Trailblazer Reflects on Her Journey From Here to There

Maria Shriver on Grieving

Grief, Healing & Resilience

Elizabeth Edwards, Lisa Niemi, Susan St. James, mod: Maria Shriver

Afternoon Breakout Conversation

Women Who Use Their Voices to Change the World

Geena Davis, Nicholas Kristof, Lisa Ling, Somaly Mam, mod: Pat Mitchell

Minerva Awards 2009

Nicholas Kristof on the Global Women’s Crusade

Caroline Kennedy on Education & Public Service

Agnes Stevens – Minerva Award Winner

Helen Waukazoo – Minerva Award Winner

Dr. Kathy Hull – Minerva Award Winner

Dr. Jane Goodall – Minerva Award Winner